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Registration is required to access online documents and forms. Please review our Privacy Policy. A valid email address is required. You will be sent an email with a confirmation link to verify your email address. You must confirm receipt of the email before registration is complete. As well, all registrations are subject to approval by the concierge.
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Building Strata :  what is Building Strata?
What is Building Strata?
Building Strata refers to the Strata name of your building. This is a unique code assigned to your building for legal purposes and should be indicated in the purchase contract of your unit. The Strata name typically starts with characters "BC" and ends with a number.

If you are a tenant who is renting or you cannot find your building Strata name, please contact your concierge for the correct Strata name before registering.

Please make sure you type in the Strata number exactly as given without any spaces in between. We use the Strata number to lookup your building name and verify your registration.
Suite Number :     FOB Number :  what is FOB number?
What is FOB number?
As an owner or tenant, you should have received one or more FOB keys that allow you entry into your building. When registering, you need to enter the number inscribed on one of your FOB keys.

We use the FOB number to verify that you are the current resident of the specified suite. Your online registration may be refused or canceled if the FOB number does not match the Suite number you have entered on this registration form.
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Waiver Terms for Receiving Package Deliveries

WHEREAS the Owner(s)/Resident(s) has/have requested the Concierge to receive small package deliveries.

The Owner(s)/Resident(s) agrees to pick up the package(s) from the Concierge desk.

The Owner(s)/Resident(s) agrees to release any claims against the Owners of the Strata Corporation, the Concierge, the staff and the Management for any lost, damaged or missing packages.

The Owner(s)/Resident(s) acknowledges his/her acceptance of these terms and conditions.

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